For Sale, images past present and future…

Tens of thousands of images over the years from Mid-Ohio race track to Indy 500.  Kentucky Derby, Ryder Cup and Memorial golf, Cleveland Colosseum and a Browns game – Sipe and Bradshaw. World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty and Manhattan… Color and B&W of know and unknown people from all over America.

And new to the horde of images are the We The People 2013 ( )project with over 25,000 photos and 5,000 videos.

So the goal is to scan and post something from each era – 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc. – to the present.

As a single photographer agency, niche or boutique shop, everything is done on a one to one basis from me to you as a client.  I’m not in the dollar an image business and all photos are rights managed.

You will find my work to be mostly photojournalism, documentary and some fun colorful images too. Now it is up to me to start populating this site with images.

To view some images online now: My Flickr Albums



Manhattan then and now…


80′ when the Statue of Liberty was being worked on…


80’s From a 24 hour study at a White Castle, Columbus, OH